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Sep 27, 2020

Rated PG-13

Hey, there, this is Radiant Rebecca, your hosted pleasure central radio.

This week's episode is a little bit different. I recorded two great episodes for pleasure central radio this week. And neither one of them is ready to be published yet. It turns out my eyes were bigger than my stomach. Or my eyes were bigger than my processing capacity.

So I have decided to bribe you slash distract you from that fact with a couple of pleasure bites from my monthly pleasure subscription program. If you haven't heard yet.

Pleasure bites are short five to 10-minute audio-visual snippets that is designed to help you move through the world with a strong and open heart. Sometimes it's poetry. Sometimes it's a snippet out of a story or a particularly good book. Sometimes it's my musings or my five bright moments from the day.

So. Take a listen and let me know what you think. 

The first pleasure bite is a poem called who you are and it's about self-acceptance.

It's read by a frequent guest on the podcast, Sam.

The second pleasure bite is an excerpt from the book called life on Mars. And I'm sharing this one in honor of both my own childhood dream of becoming an astronaut. And because one of my favorite new shows is about the first manned mission to Mars. The show is called Away. If you're interested and it's on Netflix.

I really appreciate the creativity and the smart science of that show. Plus the character development is amazing and they have a very strong bad-ass female commander of the mission played by Hilary Swank.

The third pleasure bite is from a book called this time. I danced by Tama Kieves. I think it's an amazing book. I have had this book on my bookshelf and given it to friends as gifts for years. It is about a woman who worked in corporate law for years but really wanted to just quit and write poetry. And one day she finally does.

She finally gets up the courage to go and pursue her dreams. And this book is one of the first things she wrote after that. And it's beautiful. It talks a lot about her motivation to go out and do that, finding the courage to be able to do something like that, to step out of a really well-paying job and do something else. And it talks about why she actually did it. I have found it to be really powerful and inspiring. I hope you do too.

Of course, you'll only get to hear the audio on the podcast here, but each of these also has a beautiful image or a short slide show to go with them.

If you've enjoyed these pleasure bites and you would like to learn more about the pleasure bites, subscription, or sign up for the $20 a month subscription program. Check out If you are already a pleasure bite subscriber, and you're looking for access to your library, you can go to, login and check out all of the sweet goodness for the pleasure central team has made available for you there.

Have a great week and I can't wait to let you hear the two episodes that we recorded this week!


Who You Are

A poem from Empty Bottles, Full of Stories

by Robert M. Drake, read by Sam


Deny Your Limits

This is from a book called "This Time I Dance" by Tama Kieves: "Creating the work you love: For every person who has yearned to find their true work in the world"


My God, It's Full of Stars

Two short poems, from Life on Mars, by Tracy K. Smith

Read by Sam, from Poetry